Thursday, August 04, 2016

BBC Radio 6, The Rough Trade Story and Red 89

After Vinyl comes Vinyl to digits

Anytime I'm  involved in retail my mind invariably turns back to my Cousin Tom, Tom worked in Our Price records in the late 70's and/or early 80's in Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road before going on to find success in the Indie scene (as associated with some famously long overcoats) he was  part of a band (And The Native Hipsters - who scored big with Look There Goes Concord Again).

Tom went on with  other bands (Fawcett's Design For Living and Fraff) and ultimately as a publisher and promoter under the Artrocker umbrella.

'Concord' (As played by 'Peelie' )

[Our Price  was big at  a time when Vinyl was used for listening to music and as well as the purely  posing aid it is today]

This was very much at 'Our Price' as I recall.

Well the day in the 'Pop Up' did have a bit of a break  through with our first sale but there was still plenty of time for me to read and I've got a bit of a run at The Rough Trade Story.

Interesting to find that climate change sceptic and Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers (what a posh name!) was a part of the property squatting gang in London - it's interesting to see how far so many of the counter  culture figures have moved on.

part of the window dressing
Working in 'Our Price' was fun (as far as I can see) and certainly at the time I was able to take advantage of some 'Special Offers'.

Anyway I'm hoping to see Tom again soon after more than a dozen years and to get in the Zone while I'm reading the Rough Trade Story (a project which was for a while his/Artrocker's) I have  also been listening to Radio 6 (which is okay but it is basically an upmarket oldies station less the commercials to my ears).

Red 89

No long overcoats (famous blue or otherwise) here, but plenty of charity shop chic...

Including the Red coats

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