Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bye-Bye to DunnHumby and Red 84

DunnHumby Ealing Council Tax payers say goodbye
Again Ealing Council seem to have made a miscalculation  -I heard from a reliable source that successful business (much involved with intelligence around retail)  DunnHumby was leaving Ealing (and moving to Hammersmith).

Message I got was that they were moving away because local council were unable to compromise with the council regarding parking for the company.

To me this another example of the lack of capability of the team in the Town Hall (or should I see boutique hotel) - as economy looks ever more fragile it's got mistake written all over it.

While the centre of Ealing begins to look more and more of a mess fiddles are played!

The sort of retail we deserve?

Red 84

Sometimes it feels like we're living in the future (which I suppose could be a good thing) - this looks like a Sci Fi message

But it's just so we can pay for our parking

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