Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More memory and Red 70

Yesterday I mentioned memory as in a 'human' sense today I've got myself 2TB that'll be there for documents, Video and photo's.
A new powerful backup

The truth of the matter is that if my photo's are worth anything I need to take care of them that means back up and a database that allows me to find things - I've had some back up in the form of an Iomega drive but it seems to have been a bit unreliable and has now 'given up the ghost' almost completely - as time has marched on I've gone for a drive that can work with USB 3.0 and is available wirelessly for all 'devices' we've got at home.
[The unit is a Seagate Wireless Plus - cost about £150]

The old 'extra' memory

On a retail/customer service issue I was very impressed with local Maplin - the only unit they had on show was the display one and its box was a bit knocked about - as I said I wanted a new one the Ealing store arrange to collect another unit from Wembley and they then called me (next day) to let me know it was available for collection - this is what is needed to compete with internet sales  (they might have offered me a discount on the display model though).

Postcards for sale

One of the great things about the opportunity the local BID (MakeitEaling) has given me is the chance to 'learn' about a business possibility - so my focus on protecting my 'content' but also I now recognise that I should look at other (lower price) items for my customers - so looking at unframed prints, possible postcards and calendars too.

Red 70

A red drink - not blood!

There are a few fruity drinks that are startlingly Red

[see a rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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