Thursday, August 11, 2016

Phone charging and Red 82

And it does it at no charge

Yesterday (and not for the first time) my somewhat ageing mobile phone appeared to go from fully charged to 'no-charge' in just a couple of hours.

I had noticed within Ealing Broadway Centre there was a sort of mini-locker arrangement where some sort of recharge facility was offered.

Quite  a neat little system with each compartment provided with 3 different connectors to fit most current phones, a display unit showing the minutes required for a charge and a key to lock the phone while it charges - I suppose the lack of a phone could help you 'shop' and you're going to be around the area for 30 minutes at least.

Here you can look at the costs for hosting a 'charger'.

 [and in half an hour my troublesome phone was again limping on]

Showing a bit of Front

I'm keen to learn about getting more  visitors to the Pop-Up and I'd be a fool not to listen to advice.

And perhaps it intrigues

The truth of the matter is some sort of signage is required and you might not realise you could have literally a world beating  improvement on sliced bread out there it but the message needs to get out there to get 'footfall'.

It's all very easy to be demure and cool but it was suggested that I should shout a little more clearly that there's something going on within the sometimes empty shop premises  - to this end I've added some rudimentary identification - we'll see if it works.

Red 82

And the next guest to the Pop Up bench is Mr John Kaye

A drop of red in hand and a red shirt too

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