Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ealing Cinema still looking a distant reality and Red 80

Still no cinema being built  on the old site in Ealing

Sad to see that the Ealing Cinema development is still looking some was off and it appears to be residential-y  heavy with the usual retail adornments.

The plan is now for St George PLC who have built the 'mega development' in Ealing where once stood council offices - the  dealings seem to be more about making the maximum profit from proximity to the new Crossrail service than improving the cultural life in the borough.

Pop Up Shop visitors

Plenty of people who have visited the Bond Street Pop Up while I have been there and wanted to talk about their own creative endeavours - it's fascinating to find out something about people  -the lady below was a pleasure to talk to and offered her own insights - happy to be part of the theme too.
The BEAT venues shown within

She spoke about Synesthesia (a surprising and long  list of  some famous people with the condition here).

 Synesthesia  is a description of a sort of interference between different senses - people see music for example  I had heard that the Russian abstract artist Kandinsky  had this - more interesting (and new to me) is the colour version Chromesthesia 

I hope that this lady and other interesting and interested individuals makes it to the BEAT w/e's  my venue is  at  (Orchard Cafe W13)..

Red 80

Another great visitor to the Pop Up shop and happily one wearing a red belt and engaging in the project

A nice visitor - Her favourite colour is red and she often  wears it too

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