Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Non-Celebrity Come Snack with Me and Red 83

So in something of a break with tradition I'm featuring two red pictures.
A  right old get -together 

Yesterday it was a great delight to have a bit of a get-together of exhibiting artists, friends and family at what's fast becoming one of (Ealing) Bond Street's top locations for people to see and talk about Art .

I had gone for a bit of a red theme to help showcase my 'Leap Year' - ongoing project but like many of those 'Come Dine's with Me' the response was at best mixed.

The mix of people though was far better.

There were people there I'd not seen for about 14 years (I'm talking about you Julie and Tom) as well as some I'd seen only a couple of hours earlier.

I'd got people there I'd known  from more than 35 years of working together folks I'd studied with and an artist who I met a couple of months ago  - really good fun and something I might try and recreate in the future.

There were people there too from OPEN Ealing - given a mention in London's Metro as part of W13's amenities  that same day (many of us there  know it's much more).

All about my 'hood'
It was a good chance to shift some of the BEAT brochures that were hot off the press as well as  pictures and crafted objects.

I'm very happy to report to  Mike of Park +Bridge (in Acton)  that your wines (Red and White) were truly smashing !

[Also very happy too with selection of M&S 'party' food]

Red 83

Clearly we can see the difference between Red and Purple - a departure with a somewhat posed picture ..

A vision of Redness

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