Saturday, August 06, 2016

More Stuff and Red 87

A slightly bigger work from Paul
Yesterday was 'Day 5' of the 16, Bond Street Pop Up (Ealing)  and while I'd felt that things were getting busier and that better weather would bring more people in - it was pretty quiet for the earlier part of the session.

A highlight though was the larger-that-life enthusiastic presence of  Paul Fisher an Acton artist who brought in some small canvases for show  (you can contact him here)
From only £20

Paul's works are Acrylic on Canvas and start at only £20.

Sounds of the Sixties (and 70's)

Still mind blowing ?
Quite excited to find I've actually still got Jig a Jig by East of Eden (it seemed mind-blowing - back in the day) - this and hearing Donovan's Sunny Goodge Street (Generally rather good Sounds of the Sixties programme)  means that I'm going to fire up the 'Turntable' sometime soon....

Red 87

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl (here in Red)

And  a First Class one too

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