Monday, August 08, 2016

Rocking out in the Pop up and Red 85

From my EuroNews friends

Well now have some music playing capability at Ealing's Bond Street Pop Up (At Number 16)  and finally getting into the CD that my Euronews colleagues (Figaro) bought me  when I left  to go to Hong Kong more than 20 years ago.

Classical music is ideal for a bit of a gallery vibe and I'd not really recognized how good my Kef Loudspeakers are - nice to turn it up and not be disturbing anyone (!)

Give it a Beat

Well it's only about a month before (Borough of ) Ealing's Art Trail gets  underway and I think a certain coffee shop on the Broadway might want to 'capitalize.

They like a cappuccino so how about setting out to attract the  Ealing BEATs?

Red 85

Looking a little like the Charley's Angels silhouette logo - not totally suggesting the normal football fan - but then perhaps it's a multi-purpose evocation of fandom?

Okay Angels - Let's try bussing them in.

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