Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The doors open and Red 91

Before the crowds arrived!
So first day of the hosting of Ealing's Bond Street Pop up shop..

Monday's a quiet day, no doubt about it  - that's probably not a bad thing and makes it  a good day to start things on.

 And you can take note of the smaller points - like pictures not level and marks on the walls!
Actually setting up for Videos was easy

I got my screen set up which I'm happy with a 40" Full HD job from Curry's labelled as Seiki (whoever they are) - just plug in a USB stick with my Leap Year  (see the latest iteration here) a copy of the excellent Promo' supporting BEAT along with  a couple of clips from Mr Christa.

The image quality is very good and thankfully the red renditions work well

Nice to get visits from Jessica Rose  a talented artist working locally who has hosted in the Bond Street shop before - in the winter (which sounded a challenge).
BEAT video now showing at Bond St Pop Up

A 'grab' from Chris's video

We  also had a 'flying visit' from a prime mover in the Arts Ealing Scene  Kitty Hartnell (she does lovely Mosaics) Kitty kindly brought along BEAT leaflet supplies for handing out.

Red 91

Well having some time - finally noticed we've got a red fire extinguisher

A bright red Extinguisher 

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