Sunday, August 07, 2016

Yes it's me alright and Red 86

How could they have known?

Well when I was on the way to the Pop Up and passing some religious types for the second time  someone in the group, a lady I think gave me this  - close but they'd got the spelling wrong.

I'm somewhat fascinated by religious types who seek to help with no obvious reward - Jehovah's Witnesses don't fit that category as part of their agreement (as far as I understand) is that they only get their 'mansion in heaven' if they do certain duties one of which is to tell people of the consequences of not seeing the light.

These people seem (as far as I can tell) genuine kindly with some positive ideas.

My trumpet.

I shouldn't blow my own trumpet but here goes ...

One of the shops in the reflection

This is currently a favourite photo' of mine and it works really well in the Pop Up - it's about reflections of shop fronts and what's curious is how with other reflections (from Bond Street)  - you wonder which are in the photo and which are in the nearby shops - it can take some time to decipher - which I reckon is enjoyable.

Works well here but I'd like a bigger print

Red 86

Blue Guitar was a hit some years ago but not for this guy who was playing outside Ealing Broadway station yesterday evening,

Not a guitar for the blues?

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