Friday, August 05, 2016

Local issues and Red 88

One of the things about 'strangers' coming in to the Pop Up is what they talk about - as well as the works on display - the subject of the local council and their shortcomings does often crop up.
Ealing Town Hall- A boutique Hotel and a swinging 'hotspot' ?

Plenty of people (but remember this is not a scientifically selected group) think that there should be more done for Artistic & Cultural enterprise and there are people who worry about how developments are changing the nature of the area (I guess this is pretty much the case for the last 100 years or so).

I am slightly alarmed though at the  disinformation and lack of knowledge of local matters though - I suppose there are plenty of other things getting people's attention.

For example some people hold the local council responsible for changing the rules around TV licences and the BBC iPlayer use.

An ugly design?

To me the department that's letting down the local population is the planning one
- not only looking to accept poorly thought out retail/housing schemes they consistently approve ugly buildings built for short term profit.

[It seems too that  quite a number of people have not heard of plans to change our local 'Town Hall' to a hotel -if it happens as swiftly as the Cinema revamp we can remain relaxed.]

Other Activity

'Shutting down'

So as well as a bit more reading (and a few visitors) I found time to get the mini PC fired up - it's a very impressive beast (Lenovo MIIX 300) and pretty responsive - seems to take a while to shut down but this could be while the Windows 10 gets itself up to the latest revision.

I'm planning to connect it to a Bluetooth Vamp speaker today for more sounds

Red 88

Are the stars out tonight?

Well here's one anyway (and it's the day).

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