Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Window cleaners, Ealing Art Market and Red 77

You can just about see in the
main picture
Yesterday was a day in West London where the sky was a staggering blue - sadly I felt the urge to say to many that it was 'like being in the South of France'  In noticed that the window cleaners were up (not far) on Ealing's tallest building- The Apex (though I like to call it the The Nib).

An amazing blue sky

Also noticed that the chariots were back at the temple after West Ealing Hindu Chariot festival

They're back no point beating yourself up about it.

And having mentioned I'd been missing my West London location shoots - adding further to Argyle Road hold-ups there was one (smallish) shoot being set up.

Argyle road location shoot

Ealing's Thursday Art Market 

BID office -A nice reception awaits
It's odd I've lived in the Ealing area a long time but yesterday was the first time I've actually been in Villiers house above the Ealing Broadway Station  it was I think for a long time home to a part of the BBC (enterprises?) but is now mainly used by the University of West London - popped in to return the 'key' to Pop up Shop as BID/Make it Ealing are camped out there.

Bid/Make it Ealing work hard to make things happen in Ealing and this Thursday is the start of a Thursday Art Market outside the Ealing Town hall  running until the 8th October.

{Here's a bit about how BID works if you're curious]

Red 77

I suppose it's a child's toy thing but perhaps not the best

Some sort of toy I suppose

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