Monday, August 15, 2016

Empty again and Red 78

All out of the shop now and I'll be interested to see who the next tenant is - it's been a busy couple of weeks (in some respects) and I think I've gained some knowledge.

The time spent watching the world go by was intriguing too - people waiting in cars, near accidents and lost tempers, life playing out in front of an observe, watching.

Where can this all go?
A clear wall ready for the next occupant 

Gordon in his Red car  takes his items 

So farewell to my co-exhibitors and those who visited or at least paused.

Moving out from the Pop Up felt slightly sad - like the end of a 2 week summer holiday, the preparation, the packing, the new friends and the getting to feel at home -but then suddenly it's all over.

Red 78

A vision in red

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