Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Densification in West Ealing and Red 69

Housing remains an issue in UK and especially London- a big 'tell' on UK economy is building trade and we'll see soon if new projects (UK Building Starts) continue to be developed - those cranes on the horizon tell us a lot about economic activity

As they appear in HK advertising - see more here

People I know with grown up children often still have them living at home as it's so difficult to afford a 'place of their own', there were some predictions of housing market collapse with Brexit vote but doesn't seem to have happened yet (and UK interest rates historically low).

Even with this news and the imminent coming of the new London Crossrail/Elizabeth line   I was still a little surprised to get an email from a HK friend alerting me to pricing of new flats in West Ealing.

What really surprises me is both the 'densification' and move from what were public housing estates to an ultra expensive part 'Conran' development with prices starting for 1 bedroom flats at around £0.5 million.

Not so different from the Computer generated image - how work is progressing from earlier on this week

Red 69

And keeping the building theme going. Here's a red that triggers more memories

When I worked at ITN -more than 30 years ago one of the contractors there explained how they used this arrangement to deliver waste to a skip and reduced dust and spillage, iot a great invention but a logical  thought that improves practice.

The sort of improvement that spreads with copying 
[see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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