Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Van Gogh, Reading and Red 90

A couple of  radio programmes you might like to catch up with - on BBC Radio 4

The first reminded me of the horror of some of the worst parts of modern office life (The curse of Open Plan) - the subject that this majors on in noise and it really did make me think of what we do to  battery chickens -

The other  was  the reading of Van Gogh's Ear - The True Story, Rebecca Front who read has got a lovely voice and it works so well in this context.
Vincent Van Gogh -He pretty much had this for his 'logo'

I know many people decry the 'legend' around the story of the tortured artist personified by Vincent and point out how he was far from starving and was for some time bankrolled by his brother Theo - but listening to this what comes over is that there's something incredibly sad about the man and his life (which he ended himself at the age of only 37) .


So sometime to spare  yesterday and I actually read/re-read  bits of two books that were on my mind.

First giving me a chance to reflect on what Noah Scalin documents in his 365 Creativity Journal - how it makes your memory work so well and the second .

Some of us love manifestos

The other book which I'm musing on is about creating a book - and it's called Self Publish Be Happy - it's a sort of manifesto. I had not realised until I looked properly at the book what a seminal figure in the self publishing' roll of honour'Ed Ruscha (a favourite of mine)  is his 'disputed' book on Gasoline Stations  Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Ruscha.

This book was at first rejected by the US library  of Congress  as not being a 'book'  but is now considered  effectively the bullet from the  stating pistol for the phenomenon of   the self publishing books by artists.

Red 90

The 'god of red things' was smiling on me for sure - on the way home from the Bond Street Pop Up and what  should I see, abandoned?  - Dunno if it was 'nicked' but sitting on nearby bus shelter seat this little melange..

It looks like it means something but I'm not sure what that 'something'  is.

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