Thursday, August 25, 2016

BEAT preparations (in my mind) Red 68

In this very hot weather (in London UK) it can be hard to get things done so 'thinking' is a good activity to switch to - it's too much for me  to get tidy)
Not tidy

Assembling the 'installation' - might sound more than a bit pretentious but ahead of Ealing BEAT in September -but basically I'm working out what I want to do with the 'space'.
A rack for prints
The background is this big

The main focus will be on participation, getting people to pose or present something 'Red' against a rudimentary studio backdrop - asking them to engage in my Leap Year project (you can see a rough cut of the 300-ish images here).

A screen showing 'Leap Year'

But I'm also keen for people to look and perhaps buy some of the things I've produced and to this end I'm going to be showing some mounted prints and postcards as well as the framed photo's - calendars might come a bit later.

A3 and A4 Mounts do not come cheap

What I'm finding is that Mounts are not so different in price from the cost of ready to go framing so I need to put together a pricing model that's fair and reflects the cost of materials as well as effort by me  but is something that the potential consumers are comfortable with.

All you need to know about the History of Photography in 5 minutes

[Watch a  great history of Photography (just 5 minutes) video from The cooperative of Photography here.]

Red 68

I reckon this Nasturtium to have a particularly lovely shade of deep red

A  very nice shade from nature 
[see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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