Friday, August 19, 2016

Ealing's Long Summer Night Arts Market and Red 74

The first of Ealing's Long Summer Night Arts Market
So earlier in the week I was approached by Make It Ealing about taking part as a stall holder   in the inaugural Long Summer Night Arts Market being held outside the Town Hall in the Broadway - I seem to be in a mode where I'm up for new experiences so I said 'yes'.

The last time I did something (slightly) similar would have been when I was involved in a business venture that went decidedly t**s up and we had an Easter market stall by the old Wembley Stadium it  was good fun and I think a fair bit of money changed hands.

Here take one of these

Yesterday too was good fun but was more about talking to people about my photographs than selling them - also a nice chance to meet more people from BEAT and other stall holders.

The Thursday Art Market's are running until early October and I wish the stall holders and the organisers the best of  luck.

24 Hour Tube People

Not yet a 24 hour station 

undoubtedly the start of a 24 hour Tube service in London will have beneficial impact on the economy  - more spending and a boost to Tourism are needed in these uncertain times.

In Ealing we'll be served by the 24 Hour Central Line so I might find myself using it at some time  

I do though have worries for some who find it difficult as things stand to 'switch off'  - we're more aware these days of 'Unintended consequences' those   non predicted secondary effects - I hope these are not too extreme for London residents. 

Red 74

One of the CDs I listened to a few time during those glorious Pop- Up  days was the deliciously packaged but strangely titled  Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest by  Fireman

It's an Orb like listen
[see a rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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