Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One week for BHS West Ealing and Red 76

Only a bargain if ..
On Monday I went to see the remains of BHS in West Ealing the sight of a big High Street trader selling up is a sad one and this has been a rather protracted  retreat.

[But there's talk of plans for the future for the West Ealing site - more flats of course.]

Shoppers have been looking at bargains for several weeks and it's pretty much bare bones now.

The stuff is going cheap but if it's not anything you want forget it - perhaps not so  oddly following my Pop Up experience  I looked at the fittings - didn't see an immediate use.

A bargain at £15 plus parking

But then the possibility of a stall in Ealing's Night Art Market emerged and I decided to pick up a trestle table for just £15.

One way or another

In Ealing I saw this wall showing the fun of retail - liked the perspective

Red 76

and nearby rather a lot of Red bins

A parade of Bins

[see a rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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