Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Three views of London's Iconic Shard (and an evening shot too)

Painted by the clouds it hangs majestically above the River Thames.

One of the new generation of London's Iconic Architectural landmarks – The Shard was designed by the award winning Italian Architect Renzo Piano.

Piano was made a  'senator for life' this is a rare Italian parliamentary honour similar to The Lords in the UK those appointed have  the same powers as those of the elected senators.

The building was completed in 2012 is over 300 metres high and has 72 usable floors, it is likely to remain Europe's tallest building until at least 2017.
An early evening photo too.

I took a photo' too last month (on the right) in the evening, see the different colours and the light gleaming from it as it is hit by the sun.

There's a great view and stories on the Shard's view (and sounds) provided by The Guardian here.

(I also took a photo of The Shard from the Tate Modern which I shared a little over a year ago.)

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