Saturday, July 05, 2014

Carry on Up the Monument

Well today I spent most of my time snapping around the City of London (more about this tomorrow) - what   I'd like to share with you today is a little about 'The Monument'   where we met to enjoy taking some photo's.
A tube stop -but hold on it's much more.

It's a stop on the underground but also so much more...

The base of the Monument

It's odd that I've never really fully considered this landmark which actually commemorates the Great Fire of
311 steps- quite a climb
London and in turn I suppose the founding of the modern city which many of us find a very special place.

Things are looking up 
Work on the commemorative project just a short walk from where the fire  started in Pudding Lane commenced  in 1671 just 5 years after the catastrophic calamity.
There are people up there!

Although of late the London Skyline has many tall buildings it remains a great place to see the city from and when I saw people peaking out from above I knew I should go up there and sample the high life.

Well it costs £4.00 to go up the monument and you get a certificate and a great view of things like 'The Walkie-Talkie' (famous for it's death rays)  and it's when you see it from up there that you realise just how big it is.

Get certificated
It is seriously large

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