Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Being Twittered, another Blue Plaque and Annie Ralli on show at Riverside Studios

I'm on Twitter as tjbourne but to be honest it's not something I really 'get' or even use a lot, so if you're going to  follow me don't get high expectations.

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Anyway after blogging about the weekend Platform 39 event (Shooting the Square Mile)  I was in the novel position (for me) of having my blog promoted via Twitter - looking again at what I said I can see that it was quite positive which was my genuine  consideration of the day - I hope that  the review helps get more  people attending as it's a nice experience.
Driller Killer - shot in the square mile.

Just to highlight the course here's another gem from the day (note the tradesman on the right) - the illuminated  quote seems to be connected with  the composer Wagner and his Parsifal.

Another Blue Plaque

After doing a CAB financial presentation/chat I spotted this   plaque in Hammersmith - these are the Ladies who established the splendidly named 'Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Sssociation' - I used to think that these people had at least had enjoyed a status above that of many others but am now more sympathetic to their plight - and it's always nice to see a plaque and find the story.
Avoid distress

Riverside Artist -Annie Ralli 

Having found my way to Hammersmith  I decided to amble down to the River and subsequently the Riverside Studios  and take a look at the pictures on display by Annie Ralli - I really liked her pictures, those on show were recognizably  London including some of the Riverside Studios themselves.

The pictures are about place and experience (mainly night-time)  and I find them evocative.
A Riverside Studios  picture by Annie

A Riverside Studios view by me

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