Friday, July 04, 2014

A hat trick of pics in the Ealing Gazette

I must say I was a little surprised to see another of my pictures in the Ealing Gazette this week, I had sent it in
Today's Letter Page
 marked 'if needed' and I guess it was as it was published today, it's the third one in a row to be in the paper.

I took the picture on the run last Friday with the Canon SX 280HS, I liked the bright colours - the event was The Midsummer Fayre  (not to be confused with The ITV  Midsomer Murders).

The picture was cropped a little from the one sent - I can understand this but the loss of some of the green of the  trees and the removal of the path does alter the overall look.

I think like last weeks picture it is a  photo with a 'positive'  feel and makes Ealing look like a nice place to be.

The un-cropped image

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