Monday, July 14, 2014

An Artist (Frank Kiely), change in the Ealing coffee shop bouquet and more plotting

Sometime ago I was introduced to the work of the artist Patrick Caulfield, today I noticed a work in Ealing's
In a shop window.
 For Arts Sake  that reminded me of his style it was by the artist Frank Kiely.

There's a nice piece about Dublin born Frank here.

Frank (of course) has a website.

It seems that if you've a mind to invest in art Frank is a good prospect as his prints are affordable and would fit in with the style of  many modern homes.

It's a little bit different but..

So what was the first of two Costa Coffee establishments in Ealing  (not my favourite  beverage chain butPatisserie Valerie.
Want a drink and a cake?
okay) just by Lloyd's  and HSBC banks in Oak Road is now a

The place is a little different from the other coffee places but not a  million miles away - I wish it luck it seemed busy enough today but let's have more different retail outlets.


On Sunday as well as pruning back some Blackberry brambles I decided to tackle my composting area by  moving some of my palettes and starting a third 'station' - this means some tree and bush pruning but am already pleased with the way it is looking.  

Tidier already
Not looking good by the rear of the shed 


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