Monday, July 28, 2014

Hanwell canal

When I returned to London after the 'great ITV strike of 1979' I moved into a flat in West Ealing  with a group of people working at the BBC, I was at the time a trainee engineer at ITN in the centre of London.

The flat was a 2 bedroom room first floor place and eventually (for a while) the flat tenants were just  three of us ( and in addition I seem to recall a sometime temporary office working 'Lothario' called Simon).

During a summer in the flat (perhaps 1980) the Fox in Hanwell became one of our regular pubs, it was walking distance, admittedly a fair walk but being tucked away from the main roads and close to a canal it seemed almost like the countryside.

At the time the landlord there was a big (and slightly intimidating) Rolls Royce owning Brian Shacklady, well Brian has long since gone and the pub is now verging on the genteel but the canal keeps the slightly rural feel of the area going.

Originally the British canals were used as they were here  to transport industrial materials but now are more associated with leisure and canal boats are used by some in London as an alternative (cheaper) place to live than more conventional housing.

The lock-keepers on the canal here are volunteers and they're often on the look-out for fresh ones.

Here are some snaps of the canal in Hanwell..

They were originally used for Industrial transport

Messing about on the canal 
Reflecting on a lock

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