Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The greenest lawn in the street?

I was interested to see a neighbour of ours having an artificial lawn installed, the guys who did it  worked very professionally and  quickly (about half a day for the job ) and the overall result is very good.

The overall job is a bit like laying a carpet and good preparations seem to be key to a pleasing green garden.
Like underlay

The warm summer is undoubtedly having an  effect on our lawn - which is already something short of the Wimbledon standard so I can't really blame people looking for at alternatives.

There are some real advantages to the use of a non-natural lawn, although  uncurling the electric cable for a trim takes longer than mowing the grass and it'd be nice not to need to do it or need to apply feed and weedkiller.

I guess it's going to be puzzling for wildlife and I'm not sure what messy pets will make of it if they try to 'use it' overall if too much of this was used I don't think it would be environmentally good news.

A Green and Pleasant Lawn
Let's face it this is the sort of surface used at many sporting venues and it does a pretty good job.

Easigrass was the particular solution used and it'll be interesting to see how the product manages with the weather over the next months and if it fades from the very lustrous green that is now presented.

(It all reminds me of the US sportsman when asked the difference between real and artificial-   he said 'you can't smoke artificial surface').

Here's a video showing what's involved

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