Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kew the Music- my Spice girls shame

Yesterday  on what has been billed as the hottest day of the year (so far) we went (again) to see Jools Holland in Kew Gardens.

Behind the tasteful shirts - The Stage
There was a support act that we caught some of, a striking looking American songstress (Nell Bryden) who actually had a pretty good voice and has  written strong songs including one covered by Cher.

Jools seemed perhaps less ebullient and more like he was going through the motions, he had two 'Special' guest vocalists.

Marc Almond, who I first saw in the flesh in the 1980s working on a 'pop promo' as part of Soft Cell at ITN's studio 2 actually looked healthy and seemed positively happy (not what I would expect of him) 3 songs which included Say Hello -Wave Goodbye and (of course) Tainted Love - which has quite a story having been a Northern Sould hit for Marc Bolan's partner many years ago .
The Concert comes alive as night falls

The other guest was Melanie C who seemed pretty enthusiastic, since seeing her I've got Never be the same again stuck in my head.

The concert was okay but it seems that the space has been re arranged and feels less roomy considering that we bring our own food and chairs a cost of £40 plus per person is looking a bit high.

On the Plot

Good to see a cucumber forming and also the Sweetcorn is moving towards being 'as high as an Elephant's Eye'.

Cucumber No.1 

The corn - not on the meadow

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