Thursday, July 03, 2014

Canon cameras test drive in W1 - Yewtree fallout

On Wednesday I made a trip into the West End of London for what was a useful and educative session at Park Cameras in Rathbone Place.

Canon are running one-to-one sessions to help people choose the most suitable camera from their (quite extensive) range of still cameras (actually many of them shoot video too).
The session I had started by running through some of the features and aspects of taking photo's that was important to me - we then looked in detail at he range and chose 3 cameras to take pictures with - I would say I'm not sure which camera I will choose next, certainly there are some great SLRs at a reasonable price but additional lenses  can make this a more costly way to go and I do dislike carrying too many gadgets with me.

Sadly for those in the UK outside London currently the sessions are only available in London but they are looking to bring the test drive to other locations,  if you can get to London I would recommend the experience, the guy who showed me the cameras and talked me through them really knew his stuff and took his time giving me considered answers to the many questions I put to him.

Some way up Rathbone Place is the corner shop used in the famous 'Peeping Tom' film which was directed by Michael Powell, recently the star of the film Austrian actor Carl Boehm died, sometime after making the film Carl re dedicated his life  to alleviating poverty and suffering particularly in Ethiopia.

The 'Peeping Tom' shop in Rathbone Place

Rolf unmasked

Although I have recognised that the revealing of public figures as being no better than the rest of us is inevitable I have been saddened to learn that Rolf was not who (most of us) thought he was.

I am of an age that saw him on Saturday night TV (and in Panto')  and believed him to be the character he portrayed.

There has been reflection on a further diminution of trust (like this piece from the Mirror)  and parents will worry more now with respect to their offspring - what should we think now that files from an 80's investigation have gone missing which involved the then home secretary Leon Brittan?

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