Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Back at Bill's and Walpole Park Ealing open for business

On Saturday evening we decided to make a return visit to the Bill's restaurant in Ealing it's part of a chain but we'd enjoyed our first visit in January and I fancied something with chips!
Popular food here

One of the good things about Bill's is menu - it has some variety and  the starters in particular show a little imagination, we had a Calamari and a Asparagus  both served nice and hot.

After this we went for standard burgers and skinny fries with a shared dough-nut desert plus one coffee all washed down with a bottle of house red (very fruity) it came to about £60 including the service charge -all in all not too bad these days.

Walpole Park 

The Walpole Park project in the centre of Ealing is getting near its completion and the area around the back of the house is now open to the public again, looking very pristine and tidy, the tents for the Beer festival are in evidence and the chap (or chapess) on the right seemed to be enjoying a splash around in the clean water at the back of the house.
The rear of the Manor
Having and getting the ball

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