Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Central London Photo's that are calling out to Load digiKam and an Electric carpoint

Well if I'm in the right place with all else as it should be I take photo's - here are couple from the last week showing CentrePoint, Regent Street (25 years of Magnum)  and some building/demolition near Tottenham Court Road Station.
Not a Tom Selleck in sight
Where's the point?
Centrepoint as well as being an example of 1970s property speculation is associated with the homeless charity of the same name.

25 years of Magnum (not the PI) - well what more can we say? - nice ice lollies.

Well Oxford Street and the area across to Warren Street is undergoing change and this is just another example -it really is impressive when a large scale project in the very heart of the shopping district like this creates only limited problems

Where does the 'Barney'  (rubble) go?


As my photo collection grows it becomes a challenge to manage the images.

So that I can use and access the collection the website Tom's guide offers a quick tour of some of the tools that are out there (software ones) and I liked the look of digiKam  so have loaded it and will try tagging and using as my primary Photo' database tool.

Electric cars

I liked this too- while I was there a guy plugging in reckoned he got a shock -hopefully just static.
Not Centrepoint but Electricpoint

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