Friday, July 25, 2014

BANKSY The Unauthorised Retrospective and a (Haute) couturier's blue plaque

Sothebys have seen the signs
Even without the great National and International Public exhibitions in London there are a great many smaller Public and Private shows that it's worth seeing.

Wednesday used to be the Art day for me (and the group of CityLit enthusiasts), well this Wednesday was a bit like that too.

One of the many delights of London is that when one is wandering one can delight  in the serendipity of the city but it was still something of a surprise for me to notice as I wandered a  gallery that was showing.
Banksy -The Unauthorised Retrospective Curated by Steve Lazarides, it was on (and is today) at Sotheby's S/2 Gallery but it's (sadly) the last day (25th July).

You can see a video of Steve talking about the history and the exhibition here.

Banksy has been working up his own style for around 20 years and retains  mystique of a latter day Bristol based Scarlet Pimpernel, the exhibition at Sotheby's is curated by his former agent Steve Lazarides.

Unlike Bridget Riley there is a very human touch and his work can at times contribute quite a biting commentary to ur consumerist superficial lifestyles but it does not show the depth of technique one might really relish, to my mind there is more of the political cartoonist than the great artist - having said that many of the works do bring a smile and his art references (for example the 'Moss Warhol' work) show something of his ambitions.

Banksy's  Homage to another post modernist

Frocking Hell area of London

This neck of the London Woods is where seriously expensive shopping is done and the posh frock brigade is a stones throw away from the galleries - as can be seen by the shops in the snaps . Here  is the shop (and plaque) of Norman Hartnell  (former supplier to our Queen) and seamstress supreme (perhaps) Stella McCartney's shop is near too.
Norman Plaque (actually far more modern)
The shop that houses the plaque

A Stellar Shop

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