Saturday, July 12, 2014

Opening night of Ealing Comedy Festival 2014

Ealing's Comedy Tent
Pretty impressive bill at last night's opening night of the comedy festival, names were David Baddiel, The  Boy with Tape on his Face, Kerry Godliman, and  MC-ing was radio 4Extra's own  Arthur Smith.

Arthur at the Crepe stand
Arthur Smith was far funnier than I expected and made a great MC not stealing the show but certainly adding to it -Arthur did a short Leonard Cohen tribute (I'm your man) - which is even better in the flesh than on the radio.

Arthur did exploit his position to get to the front of the Crepe queue for the first interval of the evening but he  did also provide a good atmosphere and was not overly precious.

I gather Kerry Goldliman is on TV but she was new to me- not to take anything away from her but not the standout of the evening.

The points of the evening that'll stand out for me are the comedians 'The Boy with tape on his face' and David  Baddiel.
And in the tent

 The Boy with tape on his face is a revelation in mime and is offering something different, very funny and for all the family (nothing to worry about for parents with kids)

What was interesting about David Baddiel was both his fearlessness and the audience reaction to him.

Baddiel has quite a history, at the end of the 80's he was part of the Mary Whitehouse Experience which was heralded as  'Comedy being the new Rock and Roll', later he worked with Frank Skinner in a popular series of live Comedy and TV shows, he was part of the 'Three Lions' football song project and has written books and a film.

He is someone who is more than a joke machine and he confronted celebrity and Jewishness in an amusing but somewhat uncompromising manner, this did not go well with whole audience (but it did with the vast majority) - I found it thought-provoking and think those who didn't like it were a little rude  - but I suppose it is to be expected on a Friday night in a tent.

Overall a good comedy night  (as good as last year I think and perhaps even 2010) -and here's a sample of  'The Boy .. (he's actually 35)

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