Thursday, July 31, 2014

ALO – Hail to the Loser at The Saatchi

 At Saatchi Gallery last night there was a chance to see latest works of Alo  the Italian 'Street Artist' now working in London.
A crowd was drawn

I suppose the English way is to favour the loser, I'm not sure if this works in Alo's favour but he too worries about the downtrodden and those at the bottom of society, his work reflects the interest he has for these people.

Saatchi Culture on a warm summer's evening

Note the use text and the 'African ' feel

There was evidence of quite a bit of interest in the work of Alo (or was it the lure of many  trendy folk getting together and free drinks?) - he's a former student who abandoned his studies when he  decided to make his life that of a street artist, he left Perugia and moved to London where he's now started making studio work as well as his offerings on the streets.

In fact there were customised prints for sale at yesterdays private view and they were going like hotcakes, £150  hotcakes.

 On display there was a video showing Alo doing these customisations.

Alo Cites  influences that include the gamut from Punk to  German expressionism and certainly if I didn't know better I might think that the man hails from Africa, he does say  “I grew up surrounded by books of African art and I think those unknown artists are geniuses”

The artist as a young man

Alo's work uses text and is often (as is so much) untitled, his materials are often what he can find.

- I'm not sure about the talent/technique  but there's certainly a lot of hard work and energy on display and street art is still 'hot' as the interest in  Banksy has continued to show.

A video showed the customs work

Each one is made 'unique' by Alo's intervention on the print

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