Sunday, July 06, 2014

Platform 39 'Shooting the Square Mile'

On Saturday (as I reported) I went on a one day  'Shooting the Square Mile' event held under the banner of  Platform 39, the course was led by an experienced and engaging practitioner Nick Gurney.
Always something to snap.

We met at the appointed hour and were provided with an itinerary after  about 2 hours of ambling around the commercial centre around Monument we were left to our own devices ahead of a meet up and review at the platform 39 HQ near Old Street Station.

Our leader makes a point

The course/event is one I'd recommend and is run frequently - you need to be able to walk a fair amount and have a camera - pretty much any digital camera will do - but a more sophisticated version may offer more possibilities.

Shop around on the net for the best deal as prices seem to vary I paid around £50 which I felt was about the going rate.
Reflections of the group.

I must say I've never taken so many pictures in a session  before (around 300) and it was good to see how others set about the project and look at their results.

It was also nice to have my camera (more or less) endorsed as being suitable for many pictures and I learned a bit more about some of the manual settings on my camera too and was able to access the network by wireless  for uploading pictures.

I would say I was reminded of the importance of narrative when taking pictures -think what you'd say to go with the picture.

One of the group in tune with the environment 
Also  it is very easy to take formula-istic views of 'modern' buildings all reflections and straight lines - do look for the unusual.

Let's face it we can all use our cameras (and a book if needed) to learn more about our cameras but doing it in a group is fun and adds an edge to the expedition.

Away from some of the straight  lines and reflections

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