Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CityLit - 'The Business of Photgraphy'

The studios are around the corner from
CityLit HQ
Last night was session  number 1 of a 3 session course on the Business of Photography at Citylit in Kean Street.

Taking the course was an experienced practitioner Grant Smith who has been working at a photographer for something like 30 years and  freelancing for over 20 years  of that.

Grant outlined the course and the way that photographers are moving more to the ranks of freelancers and are living with 'portfolio careers'.

In fact much of the self employed photographers' work is concerned with the business side of things, and Grant underlined the importance of invoicing, insurance and data management and of course the importance of satisfying the customer/client.

University of the Arts London-  images

As I had allowed plenty of time for my journey to Holborn I used the this to look at some works at the UAL showroom. 
The work in the showroom was very accessible and had clear messages, I liked the pictures amongst others the one below by David Ottley 

One by David Ottley

More Work(s)

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