Friday, July 18, 2014

Reflecting on Allotments -Picture of the week (number 7)

Simon's vintage shed and flowers made it as Picture of the week
Going like Hotcakes

That time of the week again and well it was nice to see a different sort of Picture of The Week in this weeks Ealing Gazette (by me again though), not a building site as such.

Simon (a neighbouring plot-holder) often asks me to offer a picture of the allotments so I offered up a picture of his shed (it's to my mind a nice shed) and it was published in the paper that's now available.

 In truth taking the picture did make think about the pleasure that I get from growing and cultivating, there's a real sense of community with others down there - we actually are nice to each other and supportive, people say pleasant things and seem to mean them - if you are thinking about taking an allotment I would recommend it, good honest toil that produces things you can eat (or give away) seems to me to be good for the soul (and the soil)

Here it is anyway (below) and the picture pre-publication is above, and  the words were ..

THIS shed surrounded by wild flowers looks 'more like an impressionist painting of the French countryside than a west London allotment', according to Tim Bourne, who has a plot at Northfields allotments.

He said: "Recently someone asked me as I went to through the allotment site gates If I was going into heaven  I didn't at first realise what she meant but as I looked around later, particularly at this neighbouring plot, it made some sort of sense."

Copies are available 
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