Monday, July 21, 2014

BBC and the youth. Coffee shops and a Sunflower

Well I'm really pleased to see that Evan Davies is to take the chair at Newsnight that Paxo has vacated (although saddened that he'll be leaving the BBC Radio 4 early morning news programme) Evan is to my mind a very bright cookie but he's also a bit of a maverick and risk taker and should (I hope) bring something new to the show.

 But sadly this new 'bum on a BBC2 seat' might not mend the skew of audience that  BBC TV suffers by virtue of its super serving of the over 60s as this item from Informitv tells us - odd then that the BBC should look to marginalise the BBC3 TV service which does at least try to reach the younger section of the population

Cafe Zee

Cafe Zee has now opened in Ealing and despite my moans about yet another coffee  shop  it does look rather promising - I'm sure I'll give it a try soon.
Good luck Zee

Sunflowers in the sun

Van Gogh might be rightly famous for them (as a reflection of happiness)  but that doesn't mean others of us can't use the image...

It's funny how you can just look away for 5 minutes and something has come into bloom - I didn't go to the allotment on Saturday and when I went on Sunday several Sunflowers were in bloom.

I took half a dozen or so pictures of a single bloom but as is often the case (for me) the first one is the one that  I like best, the bloom is nicely in focus and the slight blurring in the foliage behind creates an effect of depth, the yellows almost sing as they compete with the sun itself.


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