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Contentious Planning applications in Ealing and do we need more coffee shops?

There are a couple of changes in Ealing that have been brought to my attention...

When it comes to the built environment and the London Skyline I'm not someone who automatically objects to change.
I celebrate what I consider the creative, the exciting and worthwhile particularly the buildings that bring something new and can be enjoyed by all.
The square and the awning
What do you think|?

What is a shame is change for the sake of change and blind pursuit of profit with no benefit to those who live and/or work in the area.

There are people who take an active interest in protecting our neigbourhoods and holding the authorities to account - In Ealing there are voluntary  bodies like SEC (Save Ealing's Centre)  and The Ealing Civic Society we can support.

 Haven Green Planning Application

Views that give some idea of the plot size and the depth

The big issue and  contentious (for me)  is the possible destruction of the 'Haven Stables' and the campaign to resist it that is being run by Victor Mishiku who cares deeply about Ealing's heritage as 'Queen of the Suburbs'.

I remember the building as a garage when I first moved to Ealing in the 1980s and subsequently as a cafe/Bar- it's now offices.

The Haven Arms - As it is today

Victor has provided the following case against development for the Haven  Stables which was built in 1877

"We would not want to see it demolished to satisfy the pure greed of backyard developers any more than the old Victorian "Fire Station" in Longfield Avenue, another familiar and elegant building or any of the Locally-Listed Victorian houses in Haven Green fronting Springbridge Road on the Estate, which are now also all Conservation Area properties. They were built for Edward Wood Esq. (benefactor to Ealing Council)  in a harmonious fashion by James Jones (1 - 5 Haven Green) in 1878 - 1880 and Thomas Huggett (6 - 11 Haven Green) in 1880. Mr Jones also built many of the adjoining houses in Gordon Road (named after Gordon Edward Boileau Wood, the elder son of Edward Wood, the owner of the "Hanger Hill Estate, Ealing" - the estate that once made Ealing known as "Queen of the Suburbs")."

As Victor goes on to point out

The land in Haven Green is subject to restrictive covenants.  A High Court Judge once said: 

"It is fortunately still the law that people who have contracts are entitled to enforce them regardless of what local authorities think is suitable in terms of planning permission."

If you agree that this needs to be resisted there's a link to the petition that Victor is running  here. 

Canopies in the centre?

The other campaign regards the main Shopping Centre in Ealing and the canopies that are in evidence in the square at the centre of the shops.

There is a it appears a  planning application to make changes to the Town Square in the Centre.

The proposal is to  remove the canopies and patch up the current attachment points for them.

The  managing agent's view is that the proposal will "improve the appearance, functionality and vitality of the square... ensuring that the space provides a lighter and more attractive environment for visitors to enjoy. 

They go on to say that the  proposal will not, therefore, have any impact upon local amenity..."

They also say that the proposal is:

"compliant with relevant planning policy in terms of the removal of an aspect of built form that has a negative impact and the enhancement of the character and appearance of the local built environment and the conservation area".

Now I'm not sure that the change will or will not do this but I do think it is worth looking at and not just ignoring it.

If you object to the idea (or the steam rolling of it ) you can register the objection here.

Cafe Zee Under Construction.

As I've said before I like a nice cup of coffee, well this is the latest entry into Ealing centre's crowded hot beverage market - I wish it luck when it opens but would personally  favour something different  to yet another coffee shop.

Coffee anyone?

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