Monday, July 07, 2014

Peppers, Turnips and Swedes

Don't fall off!

Much of Sunday was spent weeding, and watering (although it turns out that there was enough rain later!)
I have grown Swedes turnips and Peppers from seed and decided to plant these out - also my over production of Aubergine seedlings meant that I was able to provide for some new plot holders - hopefully they'll do something even if only a nice blue flower.

A problem I have with meeting new  people on the allotment site is remembering their names latest couple is Eddie and Steve -I shall try and keep the couples names in my mind.

Swedes and Turnips
Not a great Garlic year

I have picked some Garlic (nothing to write home about) and Onions, also now enjoying beans, courgettes and continuing to pick rhubarb and blackcurrants.


On Sunday there was a lovely rainbow in the evening - it's not something that translates well to a photo' - might try and enhance it but here it as captured

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