Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Challenges for all and A wild guest

That blue Sky doesn't belong in London does it?

I was out on the streets of West London - it felt (and looked a little) like Miami, Florida but in the heat of the city we're not all having a great time.
Not just the streets that are mean

Apart from complaining about the weather or our finances there are other things that many of us struggle with, loneliness, angst and the past hurts  we can't shake off which leave us as prisoners of our histories.

Those who don't have the blissfully contented life that advertisers promise us-  and in truth most of us do go through some ups and downs  that go to make up  'a whole life'  need to find coping mechanisms

For some the mechanisms might be trips to the gym or the occasional 'bender' but for others where the struggles are greater then human support is often needed and sometimes medication.

A start for some

Jules Evans this week mentions distraction theory he  regularly offers some excellent  insights through his personal experiences as well as his academic studies and points out the value of things other than examining the problem - as well as 'the examined life' we need to live a life and if fishing or shopping help you then they might be part of your solution.

It can be a mistake to think that people do not want to change but I believe that the mistake that we (society) continue to make with so many good intentions is to treat people as a a mass rather than as individuals - the idea that you can fix someone with 2 hours a week is patently nonsense - the solution is complex and requires tailoring and nurturing as well as institutions and procedures it needs people, attention and care - we can all be part of this but  it perhaps means less' I and me' and more 'us and we' if that doesn't sound too glib.

If we reach out to people who we think might need someone to listen what's the worse that can happen? (that's rhetorical by the way)

A wild guest 

Having started Cucumbers, Courgettes, Vegetable Squashes and Melons I have one Melon that's survived and doing okay (touch wood).

Yesterday evening when I was watering my Melon plant (not a euphemism) I saw something jump and on closer inspection was  surprised to see that the creature moving was a frog!

A few of my neighbours have made ponds and this is good for helping rebuild  wildlife.

I left froggy and hopefully he scuttled away to somewhere warm and wet.

Mr (or Ms) Froggy
What I was watering 
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