Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Kate and Ramadan and the tragic story behind Goaloids

Well Ramadan has started and there's tremendous tensions in the Middle East after the tragic deaths of three
It's the holy month for Muslims
young Israelis, what do we need?

One thing's for sure it's not a self professed expert on all things pronouncing on her  analysis of one of the world's most thorny issue.
Step forward Kate Hopkins former 'Apprentice' contestant  to cast more noise on a situation which might be better left to others.

Why Ramadan should be perceived as being 'sinister' or causing extra problems I'm not sure - seems that world religions generally have a  requirement to make sacrifices and go without so that they can relate to the suffering in the world.

 Goaloids stands out

Beyond the small Masjid  (the Mosque above) on Sheperd's Bush Green is a public work  called   Goaloids, it's an  artwork by  Elliott Brook and  there's quite a story to go with the work.

Elliott  created the football inspired sculpture following a period when he was on a life support system after suffering a stroke after being in a pneumonia-related coma.

Tragically Elliott , died on Christmas Eve 2013 leaving his wife Bryony and  2  young daughters Amber and Phoebe.

Bryony  said that her husband’s death had been a complete shock as he had shown no signs of illness prior to his sudden death.

Elliott  was a devoted fan of Queens Park Rangers, who had lost the use of the left side of his boday and was subsequently confined to a wheelchair his vision was backed by the  Arts Council who awarded him a grant to create the exciting work which now stands as commemoration of him.

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