Wednesday, July 30, 2014

From This to This - The new West Ealing A2Dominion building and Check your Tesco 'Meal Deal' bill

The old building as it is prepared for demolition
It's around 18 months that has passed between the first picture and the second, the former OPEN Ealing site which has been transformed into A2Dominion Housing Group offices - in fact the new cladding makes quite a difference and the effect is not altogether unpleasant.

The offices are on the Uxbridge Road in West Ealing and not too far from the 'Artist's impression' that was produced ahead of construction.

Almost finished

Check your Tesco bill
Tesco Meal Deals - check 'em.

I've a sneaking feeling that it happened before - you're out there with the trolley, your persuaded by an offer - today it was a main course, a desert, a side dish and a bottle of wine  for £10 - well fortunately we looked at the bill before we started the return to home - no discount was shown, we went to the customer desk  and the money was returned (over £8.00) without a fuss but be warned - it seems that sometimes what's in the deal is not clear as happened here.
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