Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Day and Red 184

So international workers day (1) -Basic Income

If only all May Days were like this one

Rather excited to read  (from an Austin Kleon Prompt) about Basic Income - this seems Utopian in the extreme but it's also surprisingly practical and has backers from across the Political Spectrum.

The idea is that Social payments are simplified and we all have a nice income regardless of working or not - this would (potentially)set so many of us free - I reckon it's a little like the State Pension (in the UK) but available to all and as an idea it's gaining traction at the moment specifically in Switzerland   but Canada is also looking seriously at implementation and Utrecht in Holland has been considering a trail.

Do keep this on your agenda (that means I'll keep it on mine).

So as it's international workers day (2) 

About Britain's Labour Party - this seems mildly Utopian but it's also surprisingly impractical ..

No surprise that Britain's Labour party should continue to tear themselves apart - it really does seems a shame that a man over 70 years old is unable to admit he's made an enormous error and his presence is causing too many problems  (step forward Ken Livingstone and  the step away).

In reality compromises need to be made to win power and then (hopefully) help the average families - if Jeremy Corbyn is not the man to do this her really does need to spend more time on his allotment.

The worry is that if any more 'mess' hits the fan we'll have Zac Goldsmith as London Mayor - having said that the Conservative leadership seems a little equivocal on this, could it be that an anti EU MP who will do practically anything to stop expansion at Heathrow is not the Mayor that David and George want?

[Oh yes and some credit to  UK's  Labour party Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell  who has at least  been looking at things like Basic Income]

Red 184

Test leads ready for providing a prod -

Ready for the High Voltage?

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