Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's in a name? and Red 167

I noticed in the press the other day that the MP lined up to take over Sadiq Khan's old Tooting seat is another Khan This one's a woman and called Rosena Allin-Khan) , it unfortunately points (wrongly in this case) to a Dynasty or Conspiracy meme where there are families who have the levers of power to bestow on their relations or cronies (wrongly in this case) - the truth is that Khan is a very common name in the UK and around the world, (24th most popular in the UK some say).
Look to the skies

It got me thinking about names - how we get them and how they're given- do parents use their first choice names on their first born children - can we escape the tyranny imposed by names (think of A boy named Sue)?

Perhaps it's relevant that it means (to some extent) leader - anyway it got me to thinking about names, why are there many Mohamed's (PBHN) and so few Jesus's (but lots in Hispanic countries?

Is John really such an unpopular name now - I seems to know so many but perhaps that's a fashion/age more than anything -it's not in UK top 20 now, is it better to choose our own name as many Chinese do with a 'Western' name?

Anyway  Tim (abbreviation of Timothy ) seems okay in many respects and was 19th most popular in my year of birth -(try yours here)

Red 167

A red shirt and Wilkinson became Wilko

(almost) Uniform wearers off to somewhere.

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