Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sir Paul Nurse at British Museum and Red 173

British Museum's Hallowed steps
I've been to  quite a few lectures held under the auspices of various learned bodies and it was good last night to go to one of the highest calibre events this  was hosted in a marvelous building (The British Museum) and so well chaired (by BBC Worldwide chief Tim Davie) and the event was organised by the  RTS and IET with some support from Fujitsu (who gave me a nice little Sake sample to drink).

What really set the event apart was the guest talking about Science as Revolution was a Nobel prize winner with sixty (yes  that's six zero) honorary degrees - the man who had this tremendous history was Sir Paul Nurse who has come from  a fairly humble background to head up for a time, the Royal Society.
Lining up to see & hear Sir Paul.

Nurse spoke of the significance of great scientists who had changed our understanding of the world, he cited Newton, Copernicus and Darwin but also spoke about the importance of Democracy and Freedom.

Nurse sees progress in Neuroscience and AI as key in the years ahead - he's also one of very many (the majority) of scientists  who wants to see the UK  stay within the EU.
And the man himself

Although Sir Paul is a Labour supporter he spoke of George Osborne being a supporter of UK science and Nurse revealed that he  has very much been involved in the forthcoming Government science white paper.

Red 173

A Red shop for people 'in the Red'

A connection with being 'in the red'?

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