Monday, May 30, 2016

Modern Architecture and Red 155

I've been travelling  to  Bermondsey (Southwark) Underground station fairly regularly  for the last 18 months  or so to conduct short personalised tours of exhibitions at The Design Museum, this will be finishing next month as the Museum relocates to the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington.
Attractive and sought after St James Road

The premises are bigger and when it opens in November there'll be free access to some of the items on show - so that's a good thing.

The current Museum location is  amongst a trendy revitalised area of what used to be the Docks but the area with it's cosmopolitan population has a mixed housing stock.

Shad - Older buildings
I will though miss the area of London I approach Shad Thames by which has, I'm realising got some interesting architecture - much of it modern social housing, and for me some of it has merit.

There's no reason why housing should not fulfil its purpose and be interesting or even beautiful - the important point is capturing what's needed for the occupants in the first instance.

Here are some buildings around The Jamaica Road area that I've noticed on the right (above)  flats in St James Road that were winners of the Bermondsey Spa Regeneration Project competition.
Sorry Nigel -Could be a European building

I quite like this modern European looking building too - I'm not sure of it's function but it's close to Druid Road railway arches.

The one below is a bit so-so but nothing that would scare the horses.

I've seen plenty worse

Red 155

Don't know about banks and being in the Red but

I suppose Richard Branson might (and the guy checking his phone) 

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