Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Consumer's Delight and Red 154

I've got in mind a project involving creating some images, projecting and printing - speaking to a friend I came to the conclusion that a small portable  (and hopefully cheap) PC would help make this a realisable.
The doors beckoned me in to this modern day Aladdin's cave

He had got a small tablet that he'd found really useful and having shown him (online) a device that interested me (the Lenovo Miix 300) he made the excellent suggestion that I should go and see the physical entity.

As the best place to buy this was John Lewis (Never Knowingly Undersold) I went along to their flagship store -it's a consumer heaven.
A bigger choice than I anticipated  

I sometimes disparage those who hope to find salvation (or at least some small portion of happiness) from buying the latest fashions or most sophisticated gadgets - I could feel my inner acquisitiveness as I reached the electronics department - enormous  new generation Ultra -HD tellies, super new digital cameras (on a side note - interesting to learn here about Kodak's early digital camera development)   for me though it was good to see the device I had in mind - but the downside was the number of alternatives - that tyranny of choice becoming apparent.

I was mildly amused to see the range of  knowledge on display by the shoppers, some who were prepared and had researched, others  with a far more limited grasp of the nature of what they were looking to buy.

For me it did help me make a decision but sadly having decided to go for it I find the particular model is out of stock - but they will advise (via email) if and  when it's back - if you see it at around £120 do let me know.

Red 154

On the way from JL spotted a nice red character aimed at children

Hamley's  figure -Not sure how this fits in with 'Modern Childhood' images.

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