Friday, May 27, 2016

Holdups in Northfields West Ealing and Red 158

So first of all sorry if you were on the  Northfield Avenue  this afternoon and got slightly delayed - I feel a little responsible ..
Our story begins

About 2 weeks ago I spotted Red Squirrel pollarding in Argyle Road - they were busy and of course the by product of such work is woodchip.

fast forward a week or so and as I walked back from Plot 202 one of the  Red Squirrel guys who was waiting in traffic asked me if I'd like some mulch for the allotments - I gave him my contact details and finally we were able to today schedule a drop.
And the Van (you might see again!)

In fact getting the woodchips from a local tree surgeon is one of those win win situations - Red Squirrel avoid a drive to the East of London and a charge - we get Mulch for our plots with minimal 'CO2 miles'.
Blimey they've all gone

I'm not needing any mulch myself but as I'd pointed out Free is quite an attractive price and there were plenty of Wheelbarrows coming out of the woodwork.

Seems people will use them for paths within their plots and after keeping the mulch for a while it can be used for helping to hold moisture around plants and trees - but do leave it a while until  it becomes neutral  and check this out..

Very impressed at how the team were able to be in and out quickly with minimal disruption  and how well they worked together - if you need any Tree work done in West London do consider them - nice guys

The end product - a 'green'  mulch

Red 158

Sometimes it feels like 'The Gods' are smiling and providing something that fits my requirements

Just dropped in

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