Saturday, May 07, 2016

Calvinism and more along with Red 178

Odd the way that certain phrases seep into general use without many of us stopping and thinking what they're actually about.

Scotland and a part of Calvinism?
The idea of the Protestant Work Ethic is a cliché now that many of us use (often without consideration of the religious aspect) - having heard an In our Time BBC Radio programme that reflects on it as an idea (précis would be that Protestant Countries were the ones that had Capitalism/Economic success) it seems the common use of the phrase is down to German Sociologist Max Weber I find myself looking up Calvinism - which many of us bandy about also without reference.

[Note 1: I wonder if it's down as much to temperament  and environment/climate as a supposed religious mood music.

Note 2: My feeling had been that Calvinism and it's founder were rooted in Scotland - in fact the umbrella term for the branch of Protestantism, Calvinism is named for the Frenchman Jehan Cauvin.]

Red 178

A big red van

It looks workmanlike doesn't it?

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