Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Getting ready for UK's 'Super Thursday' and Red 181

In some ways Britain's electoral scene is more polarised than it has been for many years with it being widely accepted that Labour has moving to the left under Comrade Corbyn and with IDS lifting the veil on the Tories and revealing that we're not all in it together (remember that?)  perhaps the time is right for a resurgence by the  Lib Dems -?
But will they?

Should UKIP poll better than expected we'll have further seismic shifts and more Tories on platforms with Farrage's warriors.

The big prize in terms of PR is undoubtedly the London Mayoral crown but for many of us in the capital it has felt very much like Zac and Sadiq have been going through the motions and passion has certainly taken a back seat - what a shame we've not got a strong independent candidate as we had with Siobhan Benita in 2012 - if you're not happy with the front runners do look further down the list and (my advice) if you don't like what's on offer don't choose one at all.

One result that's guaranteed is that there'll be plenty of commentators reading in all sorts of subtleties and all sorts of politicians scouring the ground for crumbs of comfort - good luck to them. 

Red 181

A logo that's effective and tasteful (as you'd expect)

Great café too

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