Friday, May 20, 2016

London Mayor and the Arts Red 165

The future's the key
It's good news that London's new Mayor recognises the importance of  creative industries to the city.

Yesterday I popped in to the UAL  showroom by High Holborn there's generally something new to see there every couple of months or so and the variety of projects is wide.

Xhibit has been running for nearly 20 years and highlights emerging creatives working within the UAL.

The work that I found interesting was a paper by UAL student  Xiuching Tsay  looking at Sexual innuendo in the fashion industry, Xiuching uses a character 'Lolla' in her work  but there's plenty of other areas of ideas on show at Xhibit around fashion.

The written part of the work

Fashion is generally a meme here too

Red 165

The idea of this Red 'Hot Dog' might not make all of us hungry

Doesn't look a happy sausage does it?

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